Monday, October 13, 2008


This anakatti rest house located sriyur range muthumalai forest. Moyar velly starting here. Eastern ghats also starting here. Fully scarp forest. We went there last may.( Karthi,subbhaiah).we starting our journey from coimbature to ooty. Ooty to sriyur route very tuff road . my bike struggled there becox we r there. Aanakatti rest house is middle of the forest. It was built by 1910 but very sufficient . sriyur s nearby trible villege. It s way to nasi koyil. Second day in aanakatti we went to concrete mattam. very long drive thru forest final point s mangala patti view point. Lot of elephant moyar river bank very nice to see .there. I saw there the birds block headed vulture (muthu malai F.D with us this time) and sandgrouse juv bird of beauty.

it was a wonterful trip. every movement was exciting. iis kannan also be with us.

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