Wednesday, July 8, 2009

மங்கள பட்டி

Manga patti s located 60 km away from bhavani sager dam . scrap jungle . we went there earily summer. We r ravi, rejesh, mari, nowroj and treker selva. We stayed there in four days. First day my friends reached kooli thrai patti early evening. But I was late to joint with them .i started my bike at 6.30 pm from bhavni sagar check post. Tht people told me don’t go becox dangerous road . but I took risk I thought thengu marahada s not much distance .so I started my travel with such terrible way . after few 15 minitues night fell down. I couldt see the way {its not a road its forest ] I coulnt imagine where s the way. I heard lot of various noise frm closely. I saw three wild dogs on my right side but it suddenly vanished. I realized about my blunder mistake. Tht way most dangerous for bike ride even in day. Total 40 km I travel tht mysterious road . I saw atleast 1000 rabbits, elephant,wild dog, feral buffalo,sambar deer, spoted deer also nearly 1000 nos. finaly I missed koolithorai patti where I had to stay. Then I went wwf office to see my friend vijay nearly 10 pm he asked me to stay with him. He offered me food which he prepared . vijay told me tht how dangerous tht way which I travel. He told me lot of story. Next I jointed ravi then we started our trekking thru moyar river. Nearly 11 am we sighted huge tiger on river bank. Really happy . tht was my first sight tiger it his own place.
We were trekking thru moyar river bank until mangala patti (25 km). sighting animals elephants every half k.m, indian pythan very closely, feral buffello ferocious our trekker selvam narrowly escape from its. Very dangerous in forest. Sloth bear, in bird green beared bee eater. More we saw animal care casuses ,mouse deer, black bucks a lot. Finaly we reached mangala patti 8 hour trekking. Its much more remote area. We took path in river. Night fell down. After 7 pm we decided to go masi koil tht s 10 km from mangala patti??. So we had to pass the river water level s up normal more speed also. Our jeep s more power ful veichile. (Military used ) tht s also struggled to move there so imagine other veichile. Water was going half of jeep . however we managed river and moved towards masi koil . trekker selva told us tht s trible temple tht lord s more powerful. On the way of masi koil we saw lot of amimal. We stayed masi koil tht night. Very good experience. Next day we came back to mangala patti and played in river we caught fish from river . I forgot tell u previous day we saw big crocodile in moyar amazing very huge.
Selva caught a fish nearly 30 kg ten kind of fish s there. . we prepared to cook . very delicious food. Then we stared to walk towards thengu maragada. I wil write more after some time about this. Nice experience every movements was exciting.

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